Client Testimonials

"I attended a Medicare seminar at the local library where I met Dee and I couldn't be happier with working with her at IBS. She is easy to talk to and she listened to what my needs were and helped to sort through the tangle of choices to help me choose the best option of Medicare. She truly cares about helping and giving the best service to everyone." - Carol

“I Went to their Seminar in St. Charles. Very valuable information presented. I visited with one of their agents, (for free) and she was able to help me Navigate my way thru the Veteran's Administration, and get my coverage's thru there, since I served in the Navy for 8 years. I am now receiving my prescriptions for $8.00 per month, and receiving the best medical care from Hines VA. Thanks to the nice girl who helped me afford my healthcare.” - Bill

“I am the HR representative for a company In Melrose Park IL. The staff at Insurance benefit have saved me from financial disaster when it has come to filling out the 1094 and 1095 ACA Federal Reporting forms for my covered members and dependents. My payroll services wanted a fortune, and I didn't know where to turn. Jeff at Insurance Benefit Services is an Expert, well trained, and performed this work for me at a reasonable price, saved my career, and kept the IRS out of our doorway. Kudo's to you and your knowledge. Couldn't have made the deadline without you!" - Evelyn